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About Activate

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Activate Renewables is a growth-oriented renewable energy company that partners with landowners and developers to acquire real estate and royalty interests under high-quality wind, solar, and energy storage facilities across the U.S. With over $250mm available to invest, we are actively investing in every segment of the market.

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How We Can Work Together

Did you know you can receive a lump-sum, cash offer today for the value of your wind or solar royal­ty interests?

Learn what makes Activate the best capital solution for your land or project.

Activate can help you maximize your property today in order to secure and improve your financial future. We will work with you to design the solution that’s best for you.

With our ultra-low cost of capital and permanent source of funding, we help developers enhance returns and improve efficiency by separating the land or funding purchase options associated with a project. Activate is a long-term, flexible commercial partner that executes transactions with institutional-quality developers.

Are you a person or organization with deal-sourcing know-how or key local relationships that can help Activate acquire new properties? If so, reach out and talk to us about our exclusive partnership arrangements.

Why Choose Activate vs. Others?

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For landowners looking for large, lump-sum value today.

Immediate Cash Value

Receiving a lump-sum payment for your interest can free up cash to enhance your lifestyle or business interests.

Reduce Your Risk

Sell all or a portion of your interest and take long-term risk off the table.

Fast Offers

Receive a free, no-obligation evaluation in the form of an offer, with valuation details clearly listed.

Partner with Activate

For developers looking for constructive sources of financing.

Easy Partnership

We have extensive experience in monetizing renewable energy land, and will work with you to close a transaction quickly and easily.

Low Cost of Capital

Our committed funding facility allows us to offer the most competitive pricing.

Flexible Structure

We offer several structures to meet your needs and objectives, and are open to exploring alternatives at any time.

Our Footprint

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Activate Renewables Team

Our team has a demonstrated track record of execution and experience in the renewable, infrastructure, and real asset markets.

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